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Understand the different aspects of locksmith services in the questions and answers compiled on this page. Learn what to do when the keys are stolen, whether to get mechanical or electronic locks and what is master keying.

The keys for our main door lock were stolen; do I need to change the whole lock?

According to the professionals at Locksmith Gilbert , there is no need to do so. You need to have a new key done and provided for you. You do not have to waste money on changing the whole lock. It is a very simple task that can be done to any lock.

What is master keying?

Master keying means that one key can be used for all locks in a house or a business location. Locks made by the same manufacturer can normally be keyed similarly as well. This process enables two distinct and different keys to open one lock. It gives users the option to regulate access to specific zones while having a master key to access all zones.

Should I get mechanical or electronic locks?

Both door locks are good as long as they are of high quality and are replaced often according to the experts of our company in Gilbert. It would depend on the entrance, your budget and what's most convenient for you. Install mechanical locks to low risk entrances and electronic security door locks to high risk ones.

What are the practical considerations for master keying?

You should always put security issues at the forefront. Do not attempt to save money on this job unless you are certain about the quality you are getting. This kind of system is mostly suitable for large access areas with multiple entries by authorized people.

What's the difference between modern locks?

Modern locks differ basically because they are not solely conventional. There are also electronic locks – and some can also be opened with a key – which need a password to grand access and there are the biometric ones, which use individual features to let you in.

What can I do to boost the longevity of my locks?

A conventional lock can last a good amount of time on its own, but if you do your best to lubricate and maintain your locks it can last far longer. Technicians in Locksmith Gilbert suggest that you periodically inspect and maintain your locks when needed to boost its longevity.

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